PLY - Sans Cesse // LP


PLY - Sans Cesse // LP

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Ply is a duo, formed of Mathias Delplanque and Guillaume Ollendorff.

Although they had not met yet, both released albums in 2001; Mathias under the moniker of Lena and Guillaume as Tsé.  Some of the critics compared the two records, and indeed they sounded very similar. When they actually met in 2011 in Berlin they immediately began to play music together.

"Our music is always created by sedimentations of improvisations followed by a search for harmony - or even the erotic – between layers of sound, voice and lyrics. We realize that to many ears we sound “experimental”, but we still consider our work to be a kind of chanson française."

A recording session with the drummer Pierre Bouglé, various setups of guitars recorded by Mathias, and peaceful editing process over the last three years form the fabric of their first release, Sans Cesse. The lyrics are written by Guillaume, who also borrows from various sources, including Mary Stuart.


Mathias Delplanque

Mathias Delplanque is an electronic music composer and an improviser. He released around thirty records under different pseudonyms (Lena, Bidlo, The Floating Roots Orchestra...) and plays regurlarly with different artists from various musical backgrounds (E’Joung-Ju, Black Sifichi, Philippe Foch, Rob Mazurek...).

Guillaume Ollendorff

In addition to his various editorial activities, Guillaume Ollendorff produced two album under the name of Tsé and played with different bands like Colder, Mainstream Ensemble, Scratoa. He also plays guitar occasionally with the Hyperion Ensemble, the orchestra of the «spectral music» composers Ana-Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu.

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